Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow in OKLAHOMA!!!

Ty is very excited to go outside and play in the snow. This would be his first real snow experience; one he will most likely remember:
He was outside for maybe five minutes and got his first real gush of blizzardly like winds. Not a fan of that! Zach on the other hand enjoyed every minute of it. You can tell this boy lived the first few years of his life in the north!!!

Because Oklahoma is overly flat, it didn't really give the boys much of a chance to enjoy some tobogganing, however, they did make up their own version. Ride the bikes down the driveway, slame on the brakes and slide into the snow drifted roadway. This was great fun. Scott became their tow up the driveway and spent the better part of the afternoon dragging them up for them to ride down.
However, all fun must come to an end and I think by the time the boys managed to unstick themselves from their bikes, they were happy to come in and enjoy some hot chocolate and pizza! Mmmmmm.

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Shell said...

Ty's cheeks are the very definition of 'rosy cheeks'! Adorable!