Saturday, March 24, 2007

Babies to toddlers; toddlers to big boys......I can't take it!

Babies' first hair cuts are never easy. Saying "goodbye" to the first curl and storing it away for eternity is so sad. Top that with the fact that your sweet little baby has gone from sweet little baby to....big boy.

Being that we are only having two children (and yes Laura Ward that IS my final answer) it's always so hard to see Ty go through the baby to toddler, toddler to big boy milestones knowing this is the last time we have to experience these huge monumental developments. Take for example his first hair cut. It was extremely traumatizing...for both he and for me . Here are the shots of his first hair cut: during and then after!

It did take me awhile to get over the difference. My baby went from Baby to Toddler that instant. I have adjusted well to it (LOL) but then today, out of no where Daddy throws me a curveball.
As I was out furniture shopping, Scott took the boys "to the park". Little did I know that while going to the park, daddy got a little side tracked (should I be surprised that SCOTT got side tracked? No. Was I? Yes). Scott decided that while I was out and about, he would take Ty in for another hair cut without my knowledge.
Around noon, he called me on the cell and wanted to meet up for lunch. When I saw Ty, with his new cute do, I actually felt myself wanting to cry a little. In a matter of hours, when I left the house, Ty had gone from my baby to BIG BOY.....there is no going back now (and NO we will not be having another one to fill in that
I can't take it. They are growing up so fast.

Here are my not so babies anymore.... both had hair cuts this week!

**sniff sniff **


Erin said...

It always amazes me how cutting a little bit of hair makes them look so much older! They are absolutely adorable though. ((Hugs)) I know it's hard watching them grow up.

Alyssa said...

But they are so CUTE!!! My goodness, they are getting big, but that's a good thing! That means no more diapers, no more waking up in the middle of the night... good things are coming!

Shell said...

Aw, (HUGS) It is a hard, hard phase watching your little ones grow up, but so many great things are yet to come!
On another note...those little boys are GORGEOUS! All the little girls in OKC had better watch out :)

Anonymous said...

What a pair of cuties. Ty surely looks all grown up - but then they do grow up - go to school and then leave home. Enjoy the moment and do not wish it away.

I miss you too Zach!
Luv Nana & Bumpa

Chi-townRawlins said...

Wow! At least you make 'em handsome! That's fun to watch them grow and get more and more handsom-er (not a word, but I'm sticking with it). We need to see these boys in person!!!

Sara Kilgore said...

Ty looks completely different from when we were there just a month ago! Love the cuts.