Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Boys' Life For Me!

I borrowed the title of this blog entry from my friend Jess Bosman, mother of four beautiful boys (3 we know already and one we will meet very soon!). Thank you Jess!

The past few days it has hit me like a mack truck that I will be spending a lot of my weekends like we did this past Saturday; spending lots of time with machines, trucks, mud, bugs and well....mud!! That is a boys' life afterall.

Saturday was the TOUCH A TRUCK event, sponsored by our MOMS club sister club in Norman, OK. It was so fun. They had all sorts of trucks there that the kids could literally get up in and touch and explore and manipulate. Trucks like a UPS truck, mail truck, mobile library truck, a crane, cement truck, tow truck, racing car transport truck, Postal van, fire truck, ambulance, etc etc. It was a lot of fun for the boys. To be able to honk those horns as loudly as they can, was just...well....LOUD to be honest...but they loved it.

From there we came home, napped, changed and then headed to the park for a picnic dinner. The South Lakes Park here has two big lakes which the kids enjoyed throwing stones and rocks into. They especially liked mimicking the sounds they heard like 'KA PLUNK' and "splash"! A big highlight that night was seeing the turtles, snakes and frogs .... oh my! They couldn't get enough. What boy could?

They are typical boys. They love bugs, animals, sticks, rocks, trucks ...and ...mud of course. Especially mud from a freshly saturated lawn out back! Who needs a play structure....when there's mud! I can only imagine the fun they will have when we go 'muddin' at Nana and Bumpa's this summer on the ATV's. Should be fun.

Scott managed to "rig" the battery charger so it could charge the battery up to 50% of its life....so yeah we temporary have life. We also were able to capture some of the phone the boys engaged in. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome way of showing the pictures - everyone looks like they are having fun. And Zach said he didn't like mud!....Nana

Erin said...

Boys sure do love to get dirty don't they?! Looks like they've been having a blast!

Jess B said...

Glad the title could come in handy for you! lol! Looks like they were having a pretty great time! Good thing you grew up on the farm and are used to a little mud and dirt! ;)

Alyssa said...

sounds like you are seriously engulfed in boyness!! Now if only you could teach them how to give you a mud mask - HA! What fun that would be!! The boys are so big, I can't wait for Colorado, roomies!!

Pooh said...

Touch a Truck = Hudson Heaven
Oh how I wish we'd been able to go, too!