Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mothers' Day Homework!

My MOMS Club hosted a Mothers' Day luncheon today. The President of the club had contacted Scott and asked him to participate in a special presentation they organized for the members of the group. She had asked him (and the boys) to prepare a small poem, letter or craft that would be presented to me with a rose at the meeting.

The home work was "What Makes Our Mom So Special?"

Scott wrote a beautiful letter to me thanking me for our boys, etc etc, and then included this conversation he had with the boys to the end of it. I had to share it, because it made me both laugh and cry. I just love the innocence of children!

Here is what he wrote: (word for word)

Dad: "So Zach, what makes mom so special to you?"
Zach: (giggles) "Um.....because I love her"
Dad: "O.K....well, why do you love her?"
Zach: (more giggles) "I don't know!?!? Because I do!"
Dad: "alright, what kinds of things do you like to do with mom?"
Zach: "Um....go places"
Dad: "Well, where are your favorite places to go with mom?"
Zach: "The base gym! And, your, and the park."
Dad: "Is there anything you like to do for mom?"
Zach: "Um, I like to pick flowers (aka dandelions) the back yard. But they have ants on them so I need to let the ants get off the flowers first.....but there are lots of flowers back there and they are growing really big!"
Dad: "So I guess I should take care of the weeds then?"
Zach: "Um....I like to pick the flowers!"

Dad: "Ty, why do you like mommy?"
Ty: (staring at dad with the big steely, blue-grey eyes and sucking on his soop aka pacifier)
Dad: (taking the soop out of his mouth) "Ty, why do you love mommy?"
Ty: "Hey....soop! Give me that back!"

The moral of this story: don't mess with a kids' soop!


Alyssa said...

That's so adorable!! I really can't wait to have kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Your right - some things just don't need to be said. Soop is one of those precious assets.

Happy Mother's Day .... Luv...Mom (aka Nana)

Sara Kilgore said...

Ty loves you because you gave him the soop :-) And because you're a great mommy! Happy Mother's Day!

Erin said...

awww... so addorable :)

Anonymous said...

Happy mothers day my darling...enjoy your day!