Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Proud to be a CAN-Okie!

This is the story of my life as I know it. Am I still Canadian or have I "converted" into an American? (as my Canadian Friends and Family like to tease me)
I like to consider myself a hybrid. I appreciate where I came from and am very proud to wear my red and white, and upon meeting me, I am soon to be considered the loud and proud Canadian in the group. However, I have also come to appreciate the American traditions that we have adapted into our life. Our boys have the priviledge to celebrate two holidays in July and two Thanksgivings each year. They also will have more choices later in life as to where they want to live and work. How great is that for them?
To me there is no shame in being a hybrid. I have gained an understanding and an appreciation of two cultures and a love of two countries. I am still loud and proud in my red and white, but on occassion you will see me just as loud and proud in my red, white and blue!!!
Happy CANADA DAY friends and family back home and Happy July 4th, my fellow neighbors here in the U.S.A!


Alyssa said...

I think Can-Erican sounds better... since you won't be in OK forever! Ha, just kidding. But have a happy Canada Day and Fourth of July!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day to you my Hybrid gal! Miss you XO

Anonymous said...

OOppss its me Duke sorry forgot to write that in my previous one!

Erin said...

Well, whatever you are... I'm just glad to know you, and call you friend :D