Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finally HOME!

We crossed the border in Sault Ste Marie and drove straight through to Mallorytown. Thinking we were being sneaky and showing up a day early! Mom and dad were definitely surprised by our arrival, but that didn't slow them down. They were on their way out for a "coffee run" with a bunch of ATV'ers so in true fashion the boys unbuckled their car seat seat belts and buckled in for an ATV ride. Obviously the ten hours they just spent in the car didn't matter! They hit the ground running!

While home we reconnected with some old friends. I was able to see and spend time with my room mate and friend of the family Julie McCarthy and her well as some high school friends Jenny and Bobbie Dawn. It was great seeing them again. It had been twelve years since we had seen each other last. It was just like old times talking with each other. Surprisingly I was also given the opportunity to catch up with a friend from the seventh grade. We had reconnected through an online website and met up one morning to see each other. It was crazy to think about how we had not seen in other in like twenty years, yet we both were able to just pick up where we left off. It was great seeing Sarah and her daughter Emma. I hope we can do it again the next time we are home. We also got a chance to wish Jason and Stacey well as they look forward to their upcoming wedding next month.

Scott and I also managed to get away for an overnighter in Ottawa. It was nice to be back to my old stomping grounds. It had been TEN YEARS since I had been to the city last. SO MANY changes....and for the better too. I have to admit though, stepping back on the University campus choked me up a bit. It was so nice to go and just reminesce. We spent the night at The Indigo, which I highly recommend, and walked aroudn the parliament buildings, the canal and the byward market. It was a great way to escape and reflect on our ten years of marriage

We even made a point of renewing our wedding vows when we were home. We took some time and made our way up to the church, where we were married, and reaffirmed our commitment and love for each other. It's so hard to believe how quickly the tne years have gone. We've grown so much and have so much more to build on. I look forward to the next ten.

Below are some pictures we snagged while spending time in Ontario. The one of me and the flag was taken in Ottawa. It was painted on the sidewalk! I loved it. I wanted to lie down on it, had it not been for all the nasty gum print!

We miss Canada already....hopefully we'll be back sooner than later!

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