Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Met some online friends!

After four years of online friendship, I finally was able to meet some of my online friends. While driving through Mankato, MN, Kim hosted a Minnesota Reunion. It was great to have spent some time at her home with all the ladies. We all hit it all, and so did the boys! The kids had a blast in Kim's pool, once they settled down from the "spent too much time in the car" meltdown!!!

The following day I drove through Wisconsin and met a friend there as well. Michelle and her daughter Julia met up with us at a local park, near Eau Claire, WI. She was exactly how I pictured her: genuine, bubbly and so sweet. She gave the boys each a goodie bag which she packed away some treats and things to do in the car. She was so thoughtful. Always the giver! thanks Michelle.

As I was returning home from our visit in Canada we stopped for an overnighter and met another friend in Cleveland. She and her boys stopped by our hotel and swam with us. Leighann is also very sweet and exactly how I pictured her. Thanks so much for coming over girly. We'll have to do it again sometime!

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Anonymous said...

I hope we do get to do it again! Great blog!