Sunday, September 23, 2007

Daddy Diary ~ September 23

Tomorrow is bulk trash pick up day. While we were on vacation in August, we lost one of our favorite trees in our back yard to a wind storm. Scott was able to cut it down and get it ready for trash pick up, but two weeks before the actual scheduled pick up. So today, the boys and I took it down to the curb (with some help from a very helpful and friendly neighbor ~ Mr. Shane).

I have some incredible big helpers around the house when daddy is gone. They have been so sweet in helping mommy with EVERY LITTLE THING (which has been a touch overwhelming but I certainly do encourage it)

Daddy Diary ~ September 23rd


Chi-townRawlins said...

Sweet, Ty! Sneakin' in there with the open-mouthed kisses...tricky, tricky! Next thing you know he'll be pulling that with the girls!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Mamma Kilgore has such strong and helpful men around to help her. Too cute! Love.....Nana

Sara Kilgore said...

That is awesome! NASCAR and hauling trees, Zach is almost a man. Daddy must be missing you all very much.