Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gotta Love YouTube!

You just never know what you might find in

I was doing a random video search about Vance AFB and stuff, and came across Scott's training class' video from their Assignment Night. In the AF the student pilots find out their aircraft assignment and destination at what they call "Assignment Night". At this point in the training the Navy guys/girls have already learned their fate, so it's just a big party for their colleagues as they find out what their future holds.

At any rate, the training classes for both the T-38 guys (aka "shooters" or jets) and T-1 guys (Scott's class, leer jet folks) make up these class videos as part of the entertainment for the evening. It just so happens Scott's class' video is on YouTube.

It's hard to really catch the theme at first, at least it was for me. The whole "24" thing set the wrong tone for me, so I will preface this by saying the T-1 guys are comparing their training schedules to the guys in the T-38 training pipeline. With that knowledge you may be able to see the humor a little more clearly! The T-1 instructors certainly got a message from it. They joked about how they need to beat down their students more!!!!

Enjoy the Class video for 07-05 at Vance AFB (Feb 2007)

** A note to the Kilgore family members reading this. You will find it quite hysterical (at least I did) that the few times Scott is featured in this video, he is at the buffet table EATING!!!)

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