Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One word

Just when hump day was at its worst, a friend of mine passed around this awesome email today that was exactly what I needed to help get myself out of a funk. It was a simple question: describe me in one word and then pass the same request onto your friends. So I did. It was so cool to hear what some of my friends had to say about me.

Here are some of the things they had to say. It feels good to know someone out there is ready to lift you up when you need it most! I really needed this boost too. Thanks for playing along FRIENDS!

Scott ~ "awesome"
Mom ~ "articulate"
Lisa M ~ "sprightly"
Rhonda M ~ "spunky"
Jennifer H ~ "faithful"
Kelli ~ "leader"
Vilona M ~ "strong"
Jenny D ~ "serious"
Kim D ~ "thoughtful"
Leighann P ~ "energetic"
Fay M ~ "fearless"
Sara K ~ "devoted"
Alyssa S ~ "Canadian"
Chrysta R ~ "Type-A"
Joe V (my brother) ~ "punk"
Tracie R ~ "inspiring"
Anna R ~ "feisty"
Pam L ~ "genuine"
Hilda S ~ "energy"
Kathryn K ~ "authentic"
Susie F ~ "happy" no, sorry "HAPPY!!!!!!"
Carrie D ~ "motivated"
Denise B ~ "outgoing"
Crystal C ~ "athletic"

I enjoyed the feedback. Thanks!


Paradis Family~ said...

Yeah glad it gave you a boost :)

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! Thanks for including me! :)

Jess B said...

Mine for you would have been "ambitious"

Glad you ended up having a better day!

Sara Kilgore said...