Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at the Kilgores

Here is a picture of the Children's Christmas Concert at our church on the 9th. Zach is front center (in red shirt, black vest). He did a GREAT job. I will try and upload some video too. (when I have time!)

Following the Christmas concert, Santa made an appearance. The boys were THRILLED. This time mommy didn't have any altercations with crazy people in line.

Ty certainly did not make strange this year. He walked right up to Santa and says "hey Santa". It was hysterical, especially considering last year he completely FREAKED out!

This is us Christmas Eve after we returned from the Christmas Eve service at church. The boys were EXHAUSTED!

Christmas Morning! Santa gave Ty the Sesame Street Giggle and Go Garage. It was a huge hit ~ for both boys!

Openning up stockings and finding all sorts of goodies from Santa! Superman for Zach and Cars for Ty!

Zach admiring all the presents from Santa! He was one lucky boy this year!

Here's our Superman in the flesh.

Merry Christmas everyone! (note the cute ROOTS jammies from nana and bumpa!!!)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you all!! Looks like you had a magical christmas morning. Enjoy the rest of your holiday~ CA Kilgores

Alyssa said...

You guys look fabulous!! I especially love the PJ pics of Scott and Christy!! And K, was your comment made from Italy?? Or are you going later this week??