Saturday, January 12, 2008

Daddy Diaries ~ January 12th

We finally have our laptop back. Virus & Trojan free. It was a long five days without it, but we're back in action!

Lucky for us, Thursday night Daddy spontaneously came home to spend the night. Gotta love jet maintenance issues that require a return to Tinker! Yay! It was a brief stay but it was still nice to have him for a few hours before he left again for the next few weeks!

We've been very busy these past few days and didn't have time to do a video Daddy Diary but did get one done today while bathing! What can I say : I'm the queen of multi tasking!

Love and miss you dear!

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Clay Laura CJ and Preston said...

Hello kilgores!! CJ had a great time watching Zach and Ty! He heard their voices and came a runnin'! I am still waiting for those styin' jeans pictures Christy....I want to see them! Talk to you soon. Laura