Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Countdown to daddy!

This has been a very difficult deployment for me. I have had a bunch of stuff going on personally plus having to be a single parent AGAIN. It's just been a crazy time. BUT, daddy is expected home on Thursday (Valentines' Day) and Grandma and Grandpa Kilgore are expected sometime too, so all is right with the world again!

The last few days have been busy, only because if they weren't we would all go crazy. Thank you to all my MOMS Club friends who have kept me busy. I appreciate it more than you know!!

Last night was our weekly "husbandless dinner". More and more of my MOMS Club friends are experiencing lonely nights. Their husbands are either deployed, on TDY or stationed in Korea for a year unaccompanied (random!!). So our friend Rachel has hosted a weekly dinner night and we all pile into her house for some fun, food and friends. Last night was no exception. It was breakfast for dinner!!! Cool theme, and always a crowd pleaser. And yet again, we gained one more member of our husbandless dinner nights! It's fun for us, and yet so sad that our numbers keep growing. We miss our boys!!!

Rachel's husband, who is currently in Key West on a four month TDY, called last night to check out what all the hubbub is all about each week. He joined us by webcam! HI JUSTIN!!!!

In order for us to get the dishes done and the toys away, we announce it's movie time. So the kids scramble to tidy up all the toys, blocks, cars, superheros, books, games, etc and then pile in to watch a little Tom and Jerry ~ Ahhhhh, peace and quiet!

To fill up our weekends home alone, we've been having some park dates and playdates with more MOMS Club friends. Just last week it was 80 degree weather! Yes, 80 degrees in February! So we headed to the park for some old fashioned fun...and tree climbing with Sydney and Eli. Sydney was not a big fan!! Hang on girl!!!

That night we had another slumber party in our living room. The boys really love sleeping in their sleeping bags...but if often reminds them of their cousins in Texas. The ones we ended up not seeing that one weekend a few weeks ago. Zach still asks how cousin Cameron, Miles and baby Sophie are doing.

This past Saturday night, we had a movie night with my MOMS Club friend Mari and her kids Spencer and Lauren. It was a fun night. The kids really hit it off....as did we moms! A nice way to spend a Saturday night without the husbands. Thanks for the laughs Mari!

This is Zach and Spencer "flying" he says!

Scott will be home on Thursday but only for four days before he leaves again for a month. Please say a little prayer for him and us. We're really feeling this and I know it's killing Scott to not be here as Daddy in the flesh. I do realize we have it better than some of our friends and family, who have loved ones overseas. We can at least see him, touch him, and spend time with him. I am greatful for that. But let's face it, not one of us married an empty house and WANTED to be single parents.


Anonymous said...

Boy you guys have been busy. It is nice that the boys have so many friends to keep them distracted. You too mommy. You will look back on this some day as a testament to the hardships that occur in a marriage and be stronger for it. Time does fly. Hugs....Mom

Lisa Monks said...

Christy- I'm glad you guys have so many wonderful friends to help get you through this- but it still is not the same without Daddy! Keep your chin up- you are in my thoughts!

Pooh said...

Hey girl, we feel your pain. Every time my cell phone rings, Hudson announces that "it's my turn to talk to Daddy!!!" At least I've got the new house to keep me busy. The last two weeks have been ridiculous while I was trying to choose a paint color for the great room. It's amazing how much bigger the house feels now that the furniture isn't all pushed to the middle and covered in plastic, lol!
Give kisses from us when you get all the fam in the same house tomorrow...
P.S. Thanks for the FlatDaddies link! I'm going to get us one of those!

Alyssa said...

Sorry you're having a tough time Christy! Give us a call if you need anything:) Love you!