Friday, February 29, 2008

Family in Town ~ part two

Nana and Aunt Laura with Cousin Cohen are here visiting. Unfortunately we're all sick. Long nights, long days.

( Take note of the new quilts the boys are using. Nana made those. Each one has a CARS theme on it, then on the flip side they are individual. Zach's is a military theme and Ty's is a construction theme. So cute...thanks Nana)
Here we are in much happier spirits; before the peuking and coughing and sleepless nights began.

Yesterday we visited the Canadian component. (minutes before Ty hurled!!)
...and no, this is not Ty showing favoritism to one country over another!
Now that we know Laura's crew is moving here this summer, we hope to create healthier memories with one another....just so long as they get a pool! LOL

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