Friday, February 22, 2008

Pillow Talk with Ty!

As I was tucking Ty in for bed tonight, he decided to have a very sweet and very interesting conversation with me. Here are some snipits of that conversation.

Me: "what do you want to do tomorrow?"
Ty: "see Santa"
Me: "see Santa? How come"
Ty: "my yo yo is broken"
Me: "Your yo yo is broken?"
Ty: "yah, and I want a monkey too"
Me: "you want a monkey too? A real one or a teddy bear one?"
Ty: "one that says ooh ooh ahh"
Me: "oh, a real one"
Ty: "Yah, and I want him to bring me a yo yo"
Me: "who, the monkey?"
Ty: "no...(giggle) Santa"
Me: "oh. So what do you want to do with the monkey"
Ty: "blow bubbles at the park"
Me: "Oh like what you did with Grandpa Kilgore"
Ty: "no, he's not a monkey"
Me: "grandpa Kilgore says "ooh ooh ah and he blows bubbles and he knows Santa, I think he's a monkey"
Ty: "Grandpa Kilgore is a cat"
Ty: "mommy, can we have ice cream tomorrow at Freddy's?" *frozen custard*
Me: "we'll see, it's kinda cold outside"
Ty: "we can eat it inside"
Me: "yes we can " (laughing)
Me: "goodnight Ty, mommy's going to take a bath"
Ty: "with bubbles?"
Me: "yes, but no monkeys"!


Anonymous said...

Your right, that is realllly cute! From the mouthes of babes. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous would be ....... Nana

Anonymous said...

Can I have a monkey that does dishes? :) VERY cute! ~Shell

Alyssa said...

Adorable. But did you know that Grandpa Kilgore really IS a monkey?? He got loose from a zoo in Texas, and Grandma Kilgore just fell in love. She taught him to eat with his hands instead of his feet, how to shave his whole body, and how to hide his tail by wearing pants. Then she taught him English. Then they got married and had 8 monkey-human hybrid babies. It's a true story. I swear.

Lisa Monks said...

That is SO cute. You can't make that stuff up.

Sara Kilgore said...

Which means all the grandkiddies are 25% monkey, and that explains a lot.

Erin said...

so cute!

Chi-townRawlins said...

Never were truer words spoken, Sara...
Easily one of the funniest conversations I've ever read. Love it.