Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank you Ma and Pa K!

Ma and Pa K left here enroute to Little Rock, AR and stopped in for a bite to eat at Shorty Small's. Although their food was delish, the service sucked, and as a result the manager gave them two free entree coupons. Unfortunately for them they were leaving the state and did not know of a chain anywhere close to their destination so they sent them to us.

The expiration date on them was dated March 13th, which was the day Scott was to return from his deployment. But fortunately for us, his jet broke and so they sent him home earlier (temporarily of course). So we decided to take advantage of this opportunity and head out for dinner tonight. When we arrived, we noticed, KIDS EAT FREE ON MONDAY!! Bonus, now ALL FOUR dinners were free! How awesome was that?

Here is a shot of our FREE entrees....if only the internet had a "smelling feature". This food was to DIE for!

After we finished off our cheesecake, the manager approached our table and said "pick a freebie". In his hand were FOUR cards. I picked one and then Scott picked one. Look at what we scored, AGAIN for our next trip to Shorty Smalls!!!
So let's re-cap! Two free entrees, kids eat free on Mondays, cheesecake for dessert and an appetizer with one drink. What was our grand total for the evening of RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME FOOD?

Thank you Ma and Pa K. We have found a new favorite pit stop!


Alyssa said...

I like the picture of scott holding the newspaper... and how it says for the date, "A long time ago...". That's hilarious. Nothing like historical accuracy for ya!

Anonymous said...

What a cute blog entry. I'm glad that you are all together again. Gotta love that free food too!

Pooh said...

I'm glad your bellies are full, but I mostly hope that Aunt Flo left you alone this time so Sara can lift the parental block on Lyss's blog... :)

Clay Laura CJ and Preston said...


just have to say..LOVE the hair! It looks soooo good. Is it easy to do, or does it take forever? I need to do something different with mine, but just don't know!

Chi-townRawlins said...

I wanted to second the fact that you're hair is so hot right now.