Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We at least had him for a week!

He's gone....AGAIN! Left this morning at 3:30am. Gone until next week, so it's not so bad this time around. But the turn around is brutal. He will be home for 4 days and then gone AGAIN for a month. Thankfully Ma and Pa K will be here on his short turn around, and then Nana and Aunt Laura and cousin Cohen will be here the end of the month too. So we do have some distractions to look forward to. But it still SUCKS!

A few weeks ago, the squadron had a Spouses' Roundtable in which they prepared us for these more frequent deployments with shorter turnarounds. Times are tight right now. We're short pilots, we're short crews (Man Power) and we're short planes. With the way of the world right now and everyone having to make cuts here and there, Navy is now doing some Air Force and Army jobs so we have TWO crews of guys (that's about 50 bodies) in the desert. Those fifty bodies are greatly needed here. Chances are Scott will be in the desert at some point, that's a guarantee. It's just a matter of when. I think at that point, the boys and I will try and venture north and visit our families. Once Zach starts kindergarten this fall it will get harder to do. That is of course, if our kitchen isn't gutted from the remodel we have planned....

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