Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Community Helper Week

Scott was asked by Zach's preschool to talk to the kids about being a pilot. Little did we know it was an entire school event, as opposed to just his own class, but that's ok. That meant Ty's class was there too!

We set up Scott's head sets and cock pit study posters for the kids to "ride in" . We also put up a model T-1 display and various matchbox aircraft around the room. Scott handed those out as well as some patches from various squadrons so the kids could check those out too. This is our friend Lauren. Her daddy is currently serving a year in Korea unaccompanied by his family. He's in the Air Force. We were trying hard to bring her over to the other side!!! She looks pretty comfy in OUR NAVY cockpits! (*sticking my tongue out at your Tony*)
At the end we handed out some Navy stickers that I got from the Navy Recruiting center. (in the Air Force World) The kids loved the Air Craft Carrier on the front! GO NAVY!

Unfortunately Zach has been sick for the last few days so he couldn't stay to hear what his friends had to say about his daddy. (and I was so hoping he could have a proud-of-my-daddy moment since he's been away so long) But I am sure, Scott did him proud today! From what we heard on our way out, the teachers were so happy he came and talked with the kids.


Alyssa said...

That is the coolest thing ever!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks really awesome and the kids sure look like they are enjoying the experience. Scott did good.

Sara Kilgore said...

Hands on learning is the best. Our elementary school does a space unit in the 4th grade and the kids build an actual spaceship in the gym and go on a 'mission.' It is awesome.

Anonymous said...

What a cool Dad!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya know - the picture with Scott and Zach. I do not know what happened to Zach's 'VanDusen' look, but you sure can tell those two are father/son and Zach is getting Scott's long chin. Awesome?......Mom V