Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This blog is in honor of my friend Mari! Mari, seen here, is woman, wife, mother and friend extraordinaire. Independent. Great mom, supportive wife, awesome friend, and a fantastic roller blading partner and confidante to all my petty problems!!

Mari's been on her own for the past five months. Her husband was selected to serve a year over in Korea for a year unaccompanied. I can't even imagine how hard that is on him, to be on the other side of the world with his family here, but I do know how it must be for Mari and her two kids. However, she's been a trooper and has been putting her best face forward, filling up her time with fun things to do with the kids, and keeping busy with work ( As one would assume, living alone for months at a time, there will be some obstacles to face. Many of us would crumble with each one presented, but not Mari!

As we were blading yesterday she revealed to me how hard this time has been on her and how it would be nice for her to just have something easy happen for once! She told me about how she's had to replace her front door, capture and almost kill some wasps, potty train her very strong willed daughter, find some alone time just to breathe, meet work deadlines, deal with the weather and how to change a flat tire!

Through it all she maintained her sanity and is an inspiration to all us military spouses.

So Mari, dude, this post is for you! You're my hero!!!
AND when I find myself with a flat, YOU will be my first phone call! LOL


Mari said...

I am woman - hear me roar! Sometimes whimper, mostly swear. ;)

Oh yeah - and I totally chipped a nail on that tire iron! Grr.

Thanks for the lovely words, my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW - Awesome! You did it.

It is so hard being independent and alone to deal with the everyday things that happen or almost happen. From an older point of view - you will look back someday and realize how fast this time in your life flew by.

Right now you are amazing. My hat is off to you.

Christy's Mom

Mari said...

Thanks, Christy's mom!! Christy is an inspiration to me, it's not easy doing what she does either. You know, as military wives, we all do what we do becuase that's what we do - what choice do we have? I try to stay positive and help the kids to find the silver lining, it's just so not worth it to wallow (I say from personal experience).
Thanks for your support! :)

Chi-townRawlins said...

Go, Mari, go! So impressive!

Anonymous said...

Mari- you rock! You are my friggin' hero! I'm so glad to hear that you are not only hangin' in there, but kickin' super butt!

Christy- you are the best writer! I don't often have time to sit and enjoy reading a book, but I make time to read each "chapter" that you write. It's entertaining and it's about REAL people.

Thanks for the laughter and tears,