Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Open House!

Zach had his Open House at his Elementary School tonight. Big night for all of us. My baby is now a kindergartener going to the big boy school. Little did we know we would be dropping a ton of money simply by showing up....oh they call THAT "fundraising" LOL!!

Included in our spending were two PTA memberships. Scott and I are offical PTA parents. Complete with brand new PTA membership cards as well as my own official PTA T-shirt!

It's going to be a pretty exciting year. I can sense it!


This is proud brother Ty. He is my other big boy (sniff sniff)


Pooh said...

Congratulations, Zach!

As for Ty, I think Mom and Dad have about a bazillion pictures of Scott with that same blond bowl haircut. He has a lot of you in him, Christy, but when I see him I can't help but have flashbacks to a little Scott...

Susie said...

OK, so Zach is ready, are you?!!?

Shell said...

Zach looks so ready to start school! What a little man! You'll see...you and Ty will have some great Mommy and Son moments this year. You'll be okay...I promise!

Gloria Van Dusen said...

Hi Christy - maybe you could send a copy of this picture of Ty to Walmart as well so that I can give a copy to the grandparents. Tkx...Mom