Friday, August 15, 2008

Want to see something so cute???

Chrysta was right! Check it out!




Shell said...

LOL....My first thought (b/c I looked at the pic before I read) was "What are you making poor Ty wear??!!!"

Shell said... were adorable! At least y'all know what Ty will look like when he grows up!

Alyssa said...


Pooh said...

AAAAAAAAAACK! I remember that little suit. Mom always put the boys in short pants for church in the summer time. That's the house in Terre Haute, and my favorite flowers are irises and purple lilacs, because of the irises right behind Scott, and the lilac bush wayyy behind him, right by the alley. The chain link fence was Peter's dog run, and between the run and the garage (detached) was the dirt spot where we dug a big hole and made garages and roads for our Hot Wheels. That big maple tree was awesome for climbing, too. What sweet memories! (That's also the house that Scott nearly burned down, and Dad punched a hole in the wall next to Scott's head trying to scare him out of his pyro tendencies...)

Sara Kilgore said...

I'd probably try to burn the house down too, if someone dressed me like that :-) Only Scott can pull off a polyester short suit.

MariMargene said...

Scott Kilgore or Scott VonTrapp? Does he still know the words to that song his nanny taught him - "doe, a deer, a female deer..."? :)
Very cute picture, I wonder what our kids will think when they look back on the things we dress them in?

Jen said...

bwa ha ha ha I have never seen a suit with hot pants. That's good stuff.