Saturday, September 27, 2008

Have you been affected by Breast Cancer?

I am running in the Race for the Cure next Saturday. My intention is to run in honor of the survivors and in memory of those who have lost their battle. Friends and family alike are welcome to name someone they know in my comments, so I can be sure to pay tribute to by writing their first name on my body.

Thank you.


Lisa said...

My mom- Annette
My aunt- Mary Anne
Friend- Laurie
Friend- Chuck (yes, men get it too!)

My great-great-aunt Rose got cancer when she was 48 (in the late 40's), had a masectomy and lived to be 100!

My great-aunt Janet
My great-aunt Norma

Deb said...

Yvonne (friend)
Kitty (friend)
Susie (Matt/Sara's Aunt)

Nicole said...

Survivor (twice):

My mom Betty

Sara Kilgore said...


Nicole (friend)

Alyssa said...


Barb (my second mom)

Jen said...

Louise (my mom)
Annette (my aunt)

Sara K. said...

Currently fighting: Karen (friend)

Deb said...

Thinking of you tomorrow! Hugs.

Gloria Van Dusen said...

Renee Nussey, Gail Woods