Friday, September 19, 2008

Mental Block

I know I have it. I do. I get lectures all the time from my husband who just adores me for all his various (yet retarded) reasons, yet I just don't seem to share his opinion. This mind cramp I have has definitely affected my running capabilities. This past January I said I was going to compete in the Half Marathon in April. I stuck to the training program for 6 weeks and then at 4 miles could not go on. I told myself I couldn't do it. I told myself my body was weak. I told myself I was kidding myself. (and not to mention I was training in the wind, the rain, the ice of winter).

However, lately, I've enjoyed my runs. The weather has been STELLAR. Just this morning, I ran 4 1/2 miles and thought I could run all day long, but couldn't because I had to get a certain 5 year old to school. So that got me to thinking: have I finally found the inner strength to commit to a training program? OR have I simply been inspired by my ENTIRE extended family? But the difference is, they are KILGORE: they set their mind to something and they just do not so much!

My husband finished a marathon in D.C in 2003
Jerry is an official Ironman! BRAVO! 2008
Sam just completed a triathalon! 2008
Kathryn completed the Camp Pendalton Mud Run 2008
Jerry and Sara just finished their team event ! 2008
Deb is walking her hiney off, for the love of her friend and for a great cause 2008

What the heck am I doing?
Running piddly little 5Ks! (Next one Oct 4th: Race for the Cure)

It's my 2008. It's time for me to challenge myself too!

Lately, I've been meeting a LOT of people, those in their mid to late 30's, some in their 40's (just like me), training for either their first or second triathalon, marathon, half marathon, duathalon. So knowing I have family doing this and am surrounded by this energy all the time, I want on the train....toot toot! But can I do it?

So, yesterday I picked up the October issue of Runners' World magazine. The cover read: 10 proven ways to get (and stay) motivated. There! Now I will know how!

In between reading about "stud muffins" (recipes on KILLER healthy muffins) and an awesome article on MIND OVER BODY issues (funny, it appears I am not alone in this) I saw this:

DALLAS, December 14th.

Do I WANT to do this? Yes....

Can I do it?


Shell said...

Have I mentioned lately how hard you are on yourself...It is the only time I want to give you a good ol, "I love you b/c you're my friend" smack upside the head!
And race for the cure 'piddly 5K''re AWESOME for doing it!

Sara Kilgore said...

Hey, new look to the blog. I agree with Shell. Don't be so hard on yourself. We all go through slumps, times when we are super motivated and times when we aren't. You have a lot on your plate and should make time for things that bring a sense of peace and happiness to your life. You have lots of accomplishments to be proud of, girl!

Alyssa said...

Um, I also agree with Shell, but instead of a smack upside the head, it would be a 3D dorito smashed to the forehead. FER SHEEZY, my Neezy! You're a total beast! (In a good way, a very good way.) And I'm pretty positive you could do ANYTHING you set your mind "Can you do it?" Yes. Yes you can!

Anonymous said...

Christy, just so you know: not everyone in the family is doing athalons of some sort. Unless you count Anna's new "House Olympics" event (which I am World Champion of, btw, no matter how strenuously Anna tries to claim the crown), I am totally out of the loop. I can't even get motivated to go for a walk behind one of my fancy strollers, so your "piddly 5K" looks like a marathon to me.

You've got a few months to prepare, and you can engage in a little "House Olympics" at Anna's house as last-second preparation since it's in Dallas. You're so all over it.

I know you can I know you can I know you can...

Chi-townRawlins said...

Sista please. Can you do this? Is that even a real question? Anyone who can run over 2 miles on the dreadmill can totally rock a half marathon (for reals, I tried to do a 3-miler on the treadmill yesterday and wanted to cry after about 10 minutes...but I stuck it out for 2.5 before moving onto something less boring!). Girlfriend, if it wasn't on Sunday I'd be running it with you. There is NO QUESTION. You can DEFINITELY do this!
Sign up already!

Debi said...

I know you have gone back & forth with this a lot over the past year. Only you can make the decision (which I know you have) but we are all here to support you!!!!

Deb said...

I swear I left a post, but I must have been hallucinating. Sometimes I do that. But what I wanted to say (and did ?) is YOU CAN YOU CAN YOU CAN YOU CAN. Me: not a Kilgore; yet, moving my fanny. Now, granted, I'm not running anywhere. But still. Furthermore, there is nothing piddly about a 5K, particularly for a good cause. Not everyone can run a 5K, that's fo' shizzle. You can. And more. And here's the thing, once you commit to something and people get behind you, then that helps keep you motivated. I cannot tell you how many times I thought of my SILs, blogging buddies and neighbors when I was struggling on the home stretch. I know you're all cheering for me. And we'll all be cheering for you. Hugs!