Monday, December 15, 2008


This past year has really been a difficult one. The boys and I have had to adjust to daddy being deployed on a monthly basis and just simply going about our day trying very hard to not feel his absense. Not easily done. Daddy's presence is larger than life; physically, spiritually and of course Stomach'ly! (he's got a big appetite~ as you all know).

Anyway, this past year has really forced me to put myself out there and make friends, in a bigger way than usual. I credit my MOMS Club for really helping me get rooted in this community almost two years ago, but I also credit the friendships I was able to make while a member.

This year has really made me appreciate the imporance of good friends, more than any other. We could be here another three years so to know that I have such a wonderful support network around me, is very comforting. The women in my life right now, are my rocks.....and I love them for that. Thank you girls. This is a tribute to you.

**This is also a tribute to my online friends too: SHELL, LEIGHANN, SUSIE, DEBI, JESS, KELLY, KELLI, THERESA. ( I just wish I had pictures of us all together....) Five years and counting girls**

Symphony, Dec 6th:
Me, Denisey, Kristina, Vilona and Mari

Post Symphony:
Denise, Vilona, Mari, Rachel, Kristin, Kristina, and me

Pajama Party, Dec 12th ~ my house
Mychi, Vilona, Ronda, Me, Monica, Mari and Tracie

Thanks Girls. I love you all.


Shell said...

Smooches Mama! I won't post the freaky kissy face :) You know we love ya! And even if I didn't, I'd HAVE to remain friends with you....You know too much! :)

Jess B said...

I am so glad that you have such a strong network of friends around you. It has to make deployments just a teeny bit easier knowing that you do have options if you need it.

Love ya! :)

Chi-townRawlins said...

Awwww! Great post! I'm glad you have such good buds!!!

MariMargene said...

I'm so glad you remembered ... it's all about ME, dude!
I'm happy to have found you as well, my friend. The life of a military wife is always full, but it's not always an easy place to create strong friendships. I'm glad we bucked the odds! :)

Vilona said...

Just had time to take a look at your blog! I love you too and appreciate you as well! I'm very thankful for our friendship and 2009 has already started off with a "bang" so I'm thinking we're gonna have some good times this year!