Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring Soccer (insert moan)

This morning, after having spent 4 hours in the wind, sand and sun, I have vowed to NEVER AGAIN sign the kids up for OUTDOOR spring soccer next year. After being pelted by the wind for that long, and not even running into it, just standing there, and constantly having to squint your eyes or drink water to hydrate your mouth, you would make the same vow. Couple that with the fact that in over a month's worth of games, we've only played 2 because of weather related cancellations and holidays. So....this is the last of spring soccer

On a good note, the boys are lovin' it! We kept Ty back in the 3 year olds this year (he turned four a week after the games started) and he is really doing well this year. His maturity level has definitely improved from last year. Last year it was like pulling teeth trying to get him to even participate a little bit.

Check him out:
This is a picture after he scored his first goal!!! Woo hoo Ty!

Zach of course is doing well too. He is our natural jock afterall. The only complaint I have is that his team is pretty lame aside from this rockin' girl. She just dominates on the field. And good for her: girl power! The coach's kid is a brat....and picks on the other kids....if he keeps messin' with Zach mama bear may have to step in and "take care of business". (I jest, I jest)

Here are Zach's pics!

Zach's 1st goal of the season! Woo hoo Zach!


Denise said...

Keep it up!

Alyssa said...

So, do you have something else in mind INSTEAD of soccer? Or will you just do summer soccer or fall soccer or something like that? Or are the boys not into the organized sports enough to miss it? Pics are great, though! Especially the goal scoring!!

PS- Did you pick a saying for your race shirt??

Christy said...

I will stick with fall soccer and maybe think about gymnastics in the spring, or maybe continue on with skating through 'til the summer season!

As for the shirt, I love them all and it's been hard deciding on just ONE that I want to represent a huge milestone in my life....I will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is having a blast (except Mom). Awesome pics. You sure can see the maturity of the boys over last year.

Christy said...

Who is the anonymous poster? I'm so intrigued!!!

Chi-townRawlins said...

Ooh, yeah. I'd be skipping that, too:)
But the boys sure look cute in their uniforms!