Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Frugal Fathers' Day!

Scott and I decided awhile ago that when it comes to gift giving we would much rather have something that comes from the heart, than be given a gift because it is expected; like on Mothers' day, Valentines' Day or even birthdays. Holidays and special days have become so commercial that I think the gift giver feels obligated to buy buy buy and spoil spoil spoil as to meet the expectations of the recipient, so I thought it was important to communicate with my dh that I don't have any expectations. I wanted to take the pressure off of him because I know how difficult it can be for men, especially those who deploy a lot and feel extremely guilty about missing those important dates.

So this year, for Fathers' Day, I wanted to see what I could do with a $10 budget. I really had to put my thinking hat on because 1) I am not very crafty and 2) I am not very creative. Going into a Michael's, Hobby Lobby or AC Moore store is very overwhelming for someone like me who has NO IDEA what to do with the materials that are offered; even though they make it seem as though ANYONE can attempt these crafts and be good at it!

BUT I did it anyway.

I had this idea in my head to give him something he could take with him on his deployments, that remind him of us at home and to give the boys an opportunity to show their love for daddy. When Scott is deployed he is never really in one place for any extended periods of time and often complains about the linens and the pillows he is given at each destination, so I thought: 'let's make a pillow case'. Ok, so now I have the it was all about the implementation...and the budget of course.

I bought my pillow sham at Walmart for 99 cents (it was on clearance ~ SCORE). I then went into Michael's with my 40% off coupon and bought a package of fabric markers. Total cost $4. I then bought fabric paint: 99 cents each. (one blue, one green). Then I found some iron on lettering for $1.99 for a package of two sheets. Total cost for the project: $9. I bought a card at Halmark which actually put me just over budget to $12.

(click to enlarge)

How did I do?


Jess B said...

That's awesome, Christy!

Jen said...

Very cute! It reminds me of the body pillow cover Jay made for me when he had to be gone all the time. : )

Alyssa said...

Ya done real good, Christy!! So cute!

Denise said...

Very nice!

Deb said...

You did ROCKIN!

Maleesa said...

That is really neat!

Jen said...

Awesome! Remind me to show you the little scrapbook I made for John to take on his deployments. It is the envy of his entire crew and totally budget friendly!