Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Way Back Wednesday!

Commissioning, May 2005
Ensign Kilgore

Pilot Kilgore, Feb 2007

LT KILGORE, June 2, 2009

So proud of you babe. I love ya. xo


Sara K. said...

Congrats Lieutenant and Mrs. Lieutenant!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! But is he a full LT or an LTJG?

(And that last one's not exactly 'way back' you know - you cheated a little :P )

Anonymous said...

Also too, it's not even Wednesday yet!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Also also too? I just enlarged the last picture and answered my own question by looking at his officer's insignia: FULL LT!!!! WAAAAHHOOOOOO! Nice little jump in pay, eh?

Christy said...

Love the jump in pay, woo hoo!
Didn't have time to dig up all the boot camp pics to make this a true way back Wednesday....but y'all know how long our road has been!

AND I posted it early because my friend Denise, Shell and Jess all come to scope out my WBW early...and will be totally stoked it was posted a day early (since I've been slacking!!)

It was a pretty cool day yesterday....and I even got to go out with my new tooth! LOL!

Denise said...

Great accomplishment! Congratulations!

Shell said...

LOL...you know me so well! I do love me some WBW. Congrats to Scott and of course you b/c let's face it- it is all about the woman behind the man!

Deb said...

Hooray to you, Scott (and Christy also too)!

And, guess where I just floated in from. Yeah, that's right, from the One Lovely Blog Awards. You go girl. And I get to say I knew you back before you were famous. AND that I'm related to you as your SIL's SIL! Or maybe it's because you're my BIL's SIL. Take your pick -- either way I'm related to One Lovely Famous Hot Running Mom. Shazam.

Jess B said...

I do LOVE the WBW posts!! (Where's yesterday's??)