Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Conversation with Zach

I loaded up the boys in the car for a trip to Sam's club. Just as everyone had their seat belt buckled I cracked open a diet coke.

I take a sip and just as I am bringing it down from my mouth to put in the cup holder in the console of the car, Zach says "Mom? Should you be drinking that?". Thinking maybe Zach was aware of my no-pop diet, I said "I just grabbed it real quick because I was thirsty". (and normally I have water with me everywhere I go so I was certain that story would not go over well!)

He then says "'re driving. You're not supposed to drink and drive".

Impressed that he actually listens to ads on the TV warning him of potential dangers I agree and said "Well this is diet coke. It's ok to drink diet coke and drive".

"But mom, what are you not supposed to drink?".

I then reply "adult drinks.....they make your head fuzzy and you can't see straight which makes you dangerous"

"Oh right" (he says). "That's why daddy drinks coffee because he's always fuzzy"

Thanks right son...Daddy is ALWAYS in the fog!


Alyssa said...

Sooooooooo funny!!!!!

Lisa said...

Okay, I have total sympathy for Zac. When I was a kid I was very confused about hearing "Say no to drugs! Drugs are BAD!" all the time at school . . . but what is two blocks away from our house?? A DRUG store! What the crap? It was very confusing. I think drug/alcohol education needs to be a little more specific.