Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

This weekend marks three important events.
1) Our anniversary on the 11th. 12 blissful years! LOL.
2) The Susan Komen Race for the Cure, tomorrow. It's always a huge hit in the city. I am anticipating for it to be even more successful this year! (race details will be found HERE after the race)
3) Canadian Thanksgiving.

As per usual we have opened our home to our American Friends and will host a huge Thanksgiving feast on Sunday. In preparation for the event, we all sat down together last night and created some super cute center pieces.

Here is the first idea I found on google. We had all the materials so this one was easy.

Scott took this one on. Why? Because it involved a tool: a glue gun! Aren't they cute?

Me being the NON crafty one in the family was able to participate with this one. I found a template online. Yay! I printed it off and then got to cut out all the pieces out. The boys assembled the turkey with glue....oooooh, ahhhhhh.

Here are their works of art (so cute right?) (Ty put glasses on his)

I loved that we had that time together last night. The boys did too. Scott and I hope to do something like this every week, whereby we just unplug and connect with the kids whether it be with crafts or as family game night. We've definitely embarked on something special here.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!


Pooh said...

I can't believe that Scott is the turkey crafter in the family...

But very cute!

Deb said...

Gobble. And GO CHRISTY!

Shell said...

Big cheers to you on Saturady...and Sunday..12 years. Wow. Hey will there be lactose free ice cream at dinner again this year? :p

Alyssa said...

Awesome crafts! They are so cute!!