Tuesday, January 25, 2011

36 has NOTHING on me!

I've decided to not hate my birthday anymore. Last year was a blast and so I embraced turning the big 35. I set goals for myself and achieved them...so I'm not DEAD right?

So this year I decided to do the same. I celebrated my 36th birthday in style. 4 days straight of birthday fun! Started the week off with a 7am breakfast with a friend. Both of us celebrate birthday in January and so we wore birthday crowns at a local greasy spoon. The day of my birthday I had lunch with another friend who offered to treat me (um, ok...I like free food). That night, I had drinks with my gal pals and can I just say Charlestons DOES make a "perfect margarita"...it's not just by name only. Friday, a group of us running/gym chicks lunched and then later that night had a TUTU & Tiaras Wii Just Dance Party!
(now if you know me, you would know that wearing a TuTu would normally result in me breaking out into hives....I'm that kind of tomboy.....but we embraced the experience and had a BLAST!) But seriously if you can try and imagine all us tomboys in one room wearing tiaras and tutus...... Totally hysterical! But I will say that when you get that many athletes in a room and introduce a dance competition, SOMEONE is going to get hurt.

It truly was the Best....BIRTHDAY.....celebration....EVER!

I highly recommend living it up and surrounding yourself with people who JUST WANNA HAVE FUN especially on your birthday!

I'm going to kick 36's BUTT!

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