Monday, May 16, 2011

This made me cry....happy and sad tears

I received a Facebook message from a dear from of mine, here in OKC. It really touched my heart and I felt compelled to share it here because she does stop by here every once in awhile and I want her to know how special it made me feel.

Besides that, it's also good to know that the karma you put out in the world does comes back around from time to time. I've been blessed by her friendship.

Here is the message she wrote me, which as I mentioned made me cry happy and sad tears:

Well friend, I wanted to let you know that my husband got a job in Tulsa. He starts on the 5th and my son and I will join him the end of June or mid-July. I wanted to let you know rather than you hear it through the grapevine or even us just be gone and you having had no idea.

You are truly an inspiration to me. You are an amazing mom and wife and volunteeer! It was because of you that I thought it even possible for me to complete a half marathon. Thank you for being you!

I will miss you but will keep in touch through FB and comments on your blog. Love ya!

Girl, you know who you are, thanks for being you! I will miss you!


Jen said...

Well, I'm sad for you, but glad for me! ; ) You can come pay us a visit! : )

Denise said...