Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 2

I guess I should have started this BLOG CHALLENGE after we returned from our three day weekender, but the point of the matter is, I am sticking to it right?

Ok, so day 2 of this challenge is : where do I find myself in ten years.

In ten years I will be 47. My kids will be in high school and my husband will be ready to retire soon (again). We are counting down the days until we are in full fledged retirement. (not just the military kind). We've been making plans, and dreaming big, and envisioning things for our life-after-work lifestyle. Traveling (for pleasure, not for work), building a dream home, and settling down on acreage. Oh....acreage!!!!

But in practical senses, I hope my kids are well adjusted teenagers. I know there will be stumbling blocks along the way, and at least three more moves before the ten year mark, but I hope they manage them well. I also hope that they are focused, unlike me at that age. I hope they work hard towards something and are checking boxes and making their way to be successful productive kids.

I hope to be working as a PT and also volunteering when I can. I enjoy having the flexibility of being a stay at home mom and also having the expertise (per se) to pass onto someone wanting to make real changes in their life. I hope I am still building on my experience with my clients and also working towards some goals of my own.

I am amazed at what we've accomplished, as a family, in the last 6 years living here in Oklahoma. I'm excited to see what is to come!

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