Friday, December 22, 2006

Scott turns the big 3-0 and Ty gets a black eye!

Today is Scott's thirtieth birthday. After a crazy week of flying and planning and taking care of last minute Christmas details we were able to acknowledge the bid day. I did originally have plans to put a sign in the front yard and make a cake and decorate the house, but with the way this week has played out, we're lucky to even be here. So instead we carved our five minutes tonight to sing "Happy Birthday Daddy" to only find out we're short a "0" for the candles on the cake! Scott improvised, but it just didn't give it the same effect. Oh well.

Ty almost broke his nose this week. At the base gym where I sometimes go to work out, there is a parent/child work out room where the kids can climb and play in one half and we can do our cardio in the other half. With Superman being a big theme in this household, Zach has taken on an interest in jumping and getting airtime. Ty, thinking he is just like big brother Zach and insists on mimicking his behavior, decided to follow suit and try these new flying feats...only to land, quite literally on his face. Without exaggeration my kids fall on their face, bums, backs, knees, arms every single day. They cry, whine, get hugged and then bounce back. This time Ty stayed on the floor crying. Not good. I picked him up, hugged him, while looking for blood and broken teeth (a Van Dusen and Kilgore family trait) and thankfully didn't see anything worth rushing to the ER for. Shortly after our cuddle he started playing again. It wasn't until the next morning that he woke up quite swollen. Then even more so the following day...accompanied by loud and quite painful cries while trying to eat or sneeze or even kiss us. So, I called the doc. We went in, had some x-rays...and thankfully they ruled out any breaks and clots. However, day four he is now walking with a swollen face, a black eye and is still crying about his sensitive nose. The poor thing. He just looks so pathetic. Everyone who sees him immediately makes that pitiful face and says "You poor thing". It's that bad. However, it should make for some GREAT Christmas Day photo ops!!!

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