Friday, December 15, 2006

We are home owners....AGAIN....unofficially!!

We have apparently joined the BUY A HOUSE BANDWAGON!! Three years ago was have a baby year, now this year it's BUY A HOUSE YEAR!!! Funny how the Kilgore family works.


We took a trip down to OKC today to take a friend to the airport and to check out some neighborhoods. Our intention was to get inside some more houses, and simply get a feel for the real estate market as we are nearing our time to move this spring. Little did we know that today would be the day we find the house we absolutely love, in a neighborhood we love, in a town we love, in a school district we love, and at a price we could NOT resist!!! So instead of shopping at Target, Kohls, Gap, and Sam's (which was the higlight for me in going to "the city" today), we instead ditched our other viewings and drew up a contract for this house. Because we stipulated a February close date we NEVER thought it would go through. So you can imagine our excitement when we got the "YES THEY ACCEPT" phone call!!! It happenned so quickly but rightfully so. We scored big time. I cannot say enough how much we love this house. Lots of space for family and friends to visit too!!! So please pray that all inspections pass and that on FEBRUARY 19th, we officially have keys in hand!!!
Anyone handy at building decks? I'm envisioning a nice deck on the back.


Alyssa said...

HOLY COW, THAT IS AMAZING?!? I guess it's true that things happen in three's... wow... I'm very happy for you guys! I want to see more pictures, because this house looks absolutely amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! That house looks great for the 4 of you! Hope everything goes well.

It's freaky that the Kilgore siblings do things in groups. Hopefully it will only count for the good stuff like babies and houses! -K & S

Momma Boz said...

How exciting Christy!! Congrats!

(I've got a hubby pretty handy with decks....our old house had a HUGE one over a hill!)

Sara Kilgore said...

Congrats! It's a cute house, how exciting to have that fall into place - a nice Christmas present. Our only deck experience thus far, it having one broken by a less than honest tree trimmer, who we hear btw is facing 10 years for fraud!

Shell said...

Rob knocked down our old deck, then he and my Dad built our new one....So I guess we need to set up a vacation to OKC next year and put him to work...while we shop :) !! Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Wow great news.....congrats on the new home!!!! Merry Christmas....!
My love to you all!
Love Duke xoxoxo