Saturday, February 17, 2007

He's winged!

We also captured some moments with the cousins. Here is a slide show of more ceremonial pictures as well as the cousins having some fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Congratulations, to all of you, especially Scott. We are sorry we missed it. Enjoy the weekend with the family.
~CA Kilgores

Alyssa said...

You are a very sexy family, you know??? Congrats, Scott, your work ethic is sickening, yet awe inspiring at the same time! Congrats to all, and good luck with the move!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Scott!! I know how excited everyone must be. Although, we know you're happy, I'm bummed you didn't get helos so I could still have Christy, Zach and Ty!!! LOL. Miss all of ya!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Scott...I am so proud of you...your hard work has paid off! I am telling everyone i know a real navy pilot! miss you all
Love Duke xo

Anonymous said...

Congrats Scott!
Love the pics of the boys, can't wait to see them in august. Hope Thomas can try to run behing them! ;)
Joe, Barb & Thomas

Sara Kilgore said...

We were so grateful to be there with you. Can't wait until we're all together again. Good luck with the move, settling in, painting, furniture shopping!, and everything else. Love-JSTLGO