Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Silence Before the Storm ~ if you don't count snoring!

I'm sitting here in a very quiet house at the moment; well somewhat quiet. Scott left to do some cardio. Ty is napping. Zach was playing with his match box cars on the floor using his road matt, but I now hear him snoring in a deep sleep. All in all though, I am calm. I am at peace. I am greatful for the things in my life.

Flight training is officially over. Scott is now a pilot. (YEAH!!) The boys are not sick (yeah!), we are closing on the house on Tuesday (yippee yeah!), and we're about to entertain some family members mid week (woo hoo yippee yeah!!!). Everything is finally coming together. Six months have flown by. However the chaos of the move will soon begin and with it bring some hardships (no doubt) and sadness (guaranteed).

Zach and Ty will miss their friends here. Especially CJ who lives across the street. Scott will leave behind the T-1 and his class, whom he enjoyed hanging out with. And I will be sad to leave behind a great friend/neighbor. CJ's mom. She has been my anchor this move. I cannot say it enough: she has been a God Send. When I thought this was the worst place to be, she helped me change my perspective. Thank you Laura. She's given me new recipes to try, child free date nights, a couple laughs throughout the week, early morning yard sale trips, 8am phone calls, treadmill chats, and friendship. So thank you being my friend. I/WE will most certainly miss you and CJ when we leave.

Now, on with the peaceful afternoon....ahhhh....the true silence before the chaotic couple weeks ahead................(breathing in, breathing out............ahhhhh......)


Alyssa said...

Awwww... sounds like you're all torn up! How far is OKC from Enid?? Well, at any rate, I hope Scott's ceremony goes well, the move goes well, and that you get through the next couple of weeks without too much trauma! I love you guys!

Chi-townRawlins said...

Moving is SO HARD! It will be so nice for you guys to be settled for awhile in one place (crossing my fingers...). Enjoy those calm moments when you get them. I love those moments when you realize life can't get much better. Very life affirming...