Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spending Time with Nana.....

The boys love spending time with family and friends when they come to visit, especially grandparents. Scott and I love having grandparents visit too because we can have date nights, go furniture shopping (childless) and simply get things done. The best part of having family visit is that we can watch the kids strengthen their bond with them. We just wish there were more opportunities for that to happen.

When Nana was in town visiting, we got to know the city just a little bit better. It was nice to get out and about and see what it has to offer. Oklahoma City is so pretty and has such much to do for families. We look forward to doing more stuff with the kids this spring and summer ~ once we get ourselves back into some kind of normal routine. While she was here we went down to see the OKC Memorial, went our for ice cream, visited Bricktown and walked along the canal, fed some ducks and even got some exercise at the local walking trail. It was great having her here and having an extra set of hands around while daddy is away. The boys (and I) are sad she had to leave but look forward to seeing her (and Bumpa) this summer!


Alyssa said...

So adorable! How are the boys handling Scott's absence?? I hope you are all doing ok, and that scott comes home quick!! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

That is SO cute!I know your mom had a great time too! Can't wait to see you guys this summer. The boys will have a great time.

Hope you're all keeping busy while Scott's gone. Kisses to the boys from me, Joe and Thomas.

Anonymous said...

So cute....both the boys and Nana! Yeah Nana for making the trip and keeping going! Sounds like you had a great visit...Miss you think of you every day...Love duke xoxo