Saturday, March 03, 2007

A "taste" of deployments......

It's already happenning. The days we knew were coming. The dreaded deployments. If it was just me, I'd be ok. But now I'm MOM to two little boys, who absolutely adore their daddy.

Scott leaves tomorrow for two weeks. This will be the FIRST time he will be away from us since the kids have been born (if you don't count the time we went on a 5 day vacation to Pensacola, FL when Zach was 9 months old). We've had the talk with the boys and have made the necessary preparations but I know it's going to be tough. Not just on me, but on them too. From the minute they wake up to the minute they go to bed, they are daddy's shadow. Helping him around the house with their "Handy Manny" tools and asking him tons and tons of questions about his day. They also love wrestling with him and doing all the boy things they don't normally do with me.

I'm hoping that with having mom here until Wednesday, and then having Ma and Pa Kilgore stopping in on their way back to PA, and having their friend CJ's birthday party next weekend all to look forward to, we may be able to break up the next two weeks and keep them busy. I know that two weeks isn't a big deal, compared to what lies ahead for us in the next three and a half years, and what other military families have already endured, but it's our first real separation. We're rough and we're tough and we've proven already we're a cohesive and strong team, we I know this will be a piece of cake ~ right? RIGHT?


Sara Kilgore said...

You guys will do great. Lots of activities to keep them busy and always the excitement of looking forward to him coming home. We've put the Navy days behind us, but it still often feels like Jerry is deployed elsewhere more than he is home. Blog everyday to keep Scott up to date with all you and the boys do.

Anonymous said...

hi there.....welll the time has come...but you will be fine..strong women great mom..the boys will be fine! Hang in there... miss you guys hugs and kisses, Love DUke xo