Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally some nice weather!!!

The rain has ceased....for the most part. We've been able to get back outside and enjoy the sunshine. The temps have been in the 90's but yet it's still enjoyable. We've hosted a few outdoor water play dates with our friends in The MOMS Club. It's been fun to see the kids run around with their friends in the back yard while we moms chill and watch them have fun. At night, Scott and I have been setting up the sprinkler in the front yard for the boys to cool down in. We don't have a beach anymore so this has been the next best thing to cooling off after a long hot sunny day. Even mommy and daddy have fun with that! The neighbors are enjoying the show (we have certainly livened up the neighborhood since moving into town!!!)

Aside from us all getting sick on Saturday (colds, stomach bugs and other icky stuff) we seem to all be back on track and healthy again yesterday. So much so, we were able to help with some yard chores! As you will see below, daddy has some "helpers" now. Always willing to help mow the lawn and wash the car when it's time. So cute! Enjoy the pics!

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