Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just killing time!

One more week until our month long vacation! The kids and I have been busy keeping busy while daddy finishes up with his training. We are SO READY for this get away. I cannot even tell you! And an extra bonus: we get to spend time with ALL THE COUSINS AND FAMILY!!! (on both sides). We can't wait!!!!!

This week was hectic but we did have fun. The boys and I decorated some flower pots to take to a senior's home this coming Tuesday. They did a great job on them and really got into the creative process (as you will see). We had some play dates with friends who had a pool (and frogs), and we made a trip to the park this morning ~ turtle watching.

See you all very soon!!!


Chi-townRawlins said...

Cool frogs, Z! Hopefully we'll be able to find some cool frogs up in CO!
And, may I say, those are the most dazzling flower pots I've ever seen. Absolutely fine art, in my opinion. (And Christy, I know you'll laugh, but those are also some gorgeous potted hanging plants in the background, too. Looks like MY style of gardening!)
Can't wait! Only another week!

ea6bflyr said...

Congrats on all you BOTH have accomplished. Great blog. Scott: Fly safe!!