Monday, September 10, 2007

Church Birthday Party!


Our church had a birthday party last night, in conjunction with the ongoing Oklahoma Centennial events the state has been having throughout the year. So we took the kids to have some old fashioned fun. I'm so glad we live in a state that gives my children the opportunity to be around and be comfortable with the farming industry and agriculture!! Unlike Florida, here we can visit local farms, see oxen, see fields of grain, corn stalks, etc. It's hard for a country girl like me to not have these kinds of opportunities for my kids. I want to share this part of my life with them and I want them to not be afraid to get dirty. When I see events like this we always make a point of taking the kids to go and be apart of it and to learn something new (see the "making cream" entry a few weeks ago) So far, Zach and I have enjoyed doing these things and when we were home to my folks' farmstead this summer, they loved playing outside, going for tractor rides, getting pulled on a wagon behind the horses, jumping on the back of ATVs and of course, feeding the horses, and just being around it all; GETTING DIRTY. Mission accomplished.
Anyway, when we read about the events for the birthday party in the bulletin at church yesterday we knew it would be something they would thoroughly enjoy...and get what? THEY DID!! They had a petting zoo, an reptile farm, horse rides, wagon rides, face painting, bow and arrow target shooting, horse shoe throwing, three legged races, etc etc etc.

In addition to having some old fashioned fun, the kids also got to experience another treat. They got to meet their first Native American Chief Indian! They stood there in awe of his stature, his colorful clothing, and his dance. Lucky for us, we got to dance along with them when they lead us in the Friendship Dance; which Scott and I joked saying it must have been the "Rain Dance" since it has downpoured ever since!

We also got to finally make smores with the Boys Scouts. We would have loved to have done that while camping in August, but there was a fire ban at the time.

So we did that, and then we tried to get daddy up on a horse to ride, since he had never done that before, but he didn't want to butt in line ahead of the kids. We were so close though! Instead he participated in the watermelon seed spitting contest!!! Yes you read that correctly!
It started to rain shortly after Scott spit 211 inches of seed, so we headed inside for some Blue Grass Gospel! How fun! the kids had a knee slapping time....Did I mention all this fun was FREE!!!!
We had such a great night and look forward to the State Fair that starts this week!


Alyssa said...

those pictures are priceless!! You should let scott get behind the camera sometime, so we can see pictures of YOU spitting seeds!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Not going to happen! Christy xo

Jen Maass said...

Great pics Christy!!
We have a watermelon festival with a speed sitting contest here!