Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm married to an IRONMAN too!

My "Ironman" didn't swim, bike or ride any where.....he just flies!!!

In fact, my IRONMAN is deploying this week. First deployment cycle in 6 1/2 years. Please pray for us...and for him!

In case you missed it, Scott's brother Jerry, completed his first IRONMAN competition last week. HOW AMAZING! Great job Jerry.(see the Jerry Kilgores link to the right of our blog to read and see more about it) How inspirational! Scott ran his first marathon a few years back and joked about doing an IRONMAN and now that his brother has finished one, I'm certain he will try and do it one day too. It's to my understanding the two of them are going to try and compete in a race together one day soon. Sara and I hope to do our part and one day complete an 8K run. Anyone else? LOL


Sara Kilgore said...

Cool Squadron insignia! How long is the deployment? We'll be thinking about you. Good luck Scott! BTW What's his call sign?

Jess B said...

I'd be happy to take pix for you, but no running for me. ;-) Good luck with the deployment (all of you!). How long is he going to be gone?

Alyssa said...

Congrats all around!! Did Scott ever come up with a call sign?? I think he should probably have it tattooed really big on his back or thigh. That would be totally macho.