Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Daddy Diary ~ Sept 25th

Today was a busy day. The boys had preschool this morning and mommy had some time at the gym (yay!) and errand running. It was completely non stop running. No pun intended when I say this, however I did attempt to run a 4 1/2 miler again but at 1 1/2 miles, it started to rain so I just finished the 3 miles (two laps) and called it a day. Despite the thunder and lightening storm overhead the rain actually felt really good. It cooled me down as I burned rubber around the track (yah right).

Anyway the boys had fun today at school. Zach's letter of the week is "B" and he came home with some very BEAUTIFUL work. Ty played hot potato and now thinks everything should be thrown or dropped. Fun Times!

They continue to be big helpers around the house. Always volunteering their time to help mommy do even the SMALLEST of jobs. They would prefer to do those more than the ones she asks / begs them to do on a daily basis, of course. At any rate, I am accepting all the help I can get now, because I KNOW it will be more of a struggle when they are teenagers.

Here is the Daddy Diary for Sept 25th. Hun, take notice in the white plane I was able to find (finally)! It makes it easier to teach the boys the various states you are touching down in around the country. Nice geography lesson. Thank you dear!!!



We love you xoxo

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