Friday, September 28, 2007

William's 6th Birthday Party!

Zachary has a best friend. His name is William. You've seen pictures of him and his sister Sidney before on our blog. We spend a lot of time together. Ty has the hots for Sidney (and has been scene trying to steal a kiss from her) and Zach has said that he doesn't want any more friends because William is his BESTEST friend.

Well today was a big day for William. He turned 6. His mom Vilona, a friend of mine, hosted an awesome BATMAN party. All the kids had a blast. We went hunting for bad guys. Vilona had each child find their own toilet paper roll with their name on it. Attached to it was some yard that lead them to their bad guy. Each child's yarn had obstacles the children had to work through to find their bad guy. It was just so cute! Look at this!
We then threw water balloons at the bad guys
then we pinned the BATMAN sticker on BATMAN! It was fun.
The evening was complete with each child receiving and wearing a batman mask ~ of course. A crowd favorite!
It was so cute watching all these kids run around with their masks upside down and in some cases completely covering their eyes! Zach was so concerned about his mask that he actually did a back flip of the swing landing on his head while he was actively swinging because he was "trying to fix his mask". It was literally a bloody scene, but he got over it! Another bruise to add to the body trauma!!!
Anyway, here is your Daddy Diary for Sept 28th. Love and miss you!

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Anonymous said...

Well I think this Mom is very adventuresome. What an awesome idea and the kids sure looked like they were having fun.