Sunday, September 30, 2007

My first official SPOUSES' Club Meeting!

Today was my first official squadron spouses' meeting. It was NICE to be around navy wives again. We all shared the same kinda feeling about living in Oklahoma; like it....but....where exactly is the large body of water? LOL. I am sure now that I have met a few other wives, I will be a little more active in their support group and maybe contribute to some fundraiser and social events.

OH! and look what I won as door prizes. They called my number three times. The first piece of pottery they described to be a shrimp ring or even cheese and crackers dish. It was so pretty and was made by a lady that teaches pottery classes on base. When they drew my number the second time, they offered me the matching bowl. What a pretty set huh? The last number of the day was my 3rd one and it is a beautiful vase with the inscription: "beauty and strength can be found in adversity" ~ Maya Angelou.

The boys enjoyed their day yesterday. They "helped" me mow the lawn, clean up the leaves, sweep out the garage and of course wash their bikes. We will be tending to our garden tomorrow. The weeds seem to be outshining the flowers right now!

Anyway, we've managed to get through the first week of Scott's "trip". Two more to go. If all goes well he should be home on our 10th wedding anniversary (that is IF all goes according to plan and well....I've learned to NEVER expect things to ever go according to plan)

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