Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Daddy Diary ~ Oct 3rd

Today was hump day. We don't do much on Hump Day. Mommy doesn't work out, the boys aren't in preschool so we stay home and chill out. I did, however have a MOMS Club board meeting this morning here at the house, but other than that we layed low.

After naps this afternoon we went outside and weeded the very overgrown garden. Zach and Ty both "helped". It was a gorgeous day here: not too hot, not too cold. I love fall!!! However, last night was scarry. We had some pretty close calls with the lightening crashing down and the loud cracks of thunder. It was crazy. But it was nice waking up to the beautiful sunshine today!

Here is the boys' Daddy Diary for Oct 3rd.

AND here is one from Saturday!!! My bad I was a huge slacker!

We love and miss you!!!

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