Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Scott got bit by the Halloween bug this year and decorated our front porch with the boys. I am indifferent by the whole idea of Halloween but I have to say it turned out really cute.

The boys were VERY sure of what they wanted their pumpkins to look like. Zach wanted a "very scarry" pumpkin and Ty wanted the "very happy" one. As you can see, we achieved both!

Being that we are in cowboy territory (and I don't mean OSU), the boys dressed up as cowboys. The costumes went over very well; simple and yet effective!

By 6:30pm we finished trick-o-treating and the boys handed out candy for the rest of the night. I swear they got more of a kick out of handing out candy to the spooks than they did from walking around the block getting candy!


As I was sitting at the computer checking email and surfing while the boys continued to hand out candy, I hear one of the spooks (who was about eight, maybe nine years old) say to Scott (and I am quoting word for word) "I was going to dress as a dead soldier but I don't think the public would appreciate that".

I am still sitting here in absolute shock.



Anonymous said...

yee-ha! The boys look so cute - I love the mustaches!

Glad to hear they had fun!

We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Those moustaches are just too cute! Yee-Haw!


Anonymous said...

Forgot to add~ Scott, Zach, and Ty...AWESOME job decorating!! I love it!


Alyssa said...

Yeah, the porch is awesome! I love it!

Andrew Monks Crew said...

The boys are too dang cute- I can't believe how HUGE they are! We still don't have a blog, but I am sure impressed with yours.