Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm back...and boy do we have a report for you!!!!

I know it's been awhile since I last updated you all. LOTS going on here...and in a good way!

Since we moved in back in February, we have been making a list of "small projects" we wanted to see done before we moved (three years from now!!). One of them being getting our pictures hung, move the furniture around, you know, making the house a home! Well with Scott's crazy schedule and me being domestically and decoratively challenged (because of lack of inspiration), we had let things stay on the back burner. Now with the onset of out of town guests visiting us over the holidays, while Scott is away, it was JUST enough incentive to get us back on track. So below you will see just SOME of the projects Scott has been deligently working on for the past three weekends!

In this picture, we simply added CURTAINS and pictures to the wall in our bedroom. It's amazing how quickly the room became more warm and intimate. So sad we waited ten months to do it. But you can see, the far wall still needed something. So this is before the shelves (but after the furniture shuffle) :

(see the barren wall below?)

and this is after: (do you approve Amanda?)

On the opposing wall we hung the Wedding Wall-hanging my mom quilted for us to document our wedding day and all the guests at the reception. Beside it is the shadow box I made for Scott when he completed his first Marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon in DC in 2003. See how tiny Zach was then? (sniff sniff). That is his sweat shirt in the back drop! It reads "go daddy go". (sniff sniff)

In the corner of the room, near the foot of the bed, our collection of family pictures on the tall boy and then of course the Penn State game!!! LOL

And now for the bigger project. We FINALLY painted Zach's room and hung up the cute little airplanes I've been collecting along the way. The framed pics are postcards I collected in Pensacola which include of course, the infamous Blue Angels!

Didn't they turn out cute? (if I do say so myself)

And look Lyss, we finally got these up ~ and they are being used already!!! Thank you! They are perfect!

I think this BIG boy room finally has become a happy place for our big boy!! (again, sniff sniff). Now onto Ty's room!!!!
We have a few more things left to complete and I think by next weekend, we will be completely finished with these "little" projects and ready for the holidays! So come on over! Make yourself "at home" people!

And now some pics of the kids. Zach told me he wanted to see more of his picture on the blog, so here they are. Enjoy!

and P.S our boys are blog famous! They are being featured on my friend Jennifer's website for a thing we did with the MOMS Club this week. Check it out by clicking this link:


Anonymous said...

Christy - you have done a great job with the rooms. The boys keep changing so much. Sniff, sniff.

Anonymous said...

The house looks great. :) I can't believe you've been in for 10 months already. Time flies huh?

Anonymous said...

Who left the sniff sniff???? Anonymous people, please leave your names too!!!!! Christy

Anonymous said...

Awesome decorating (Yay, my yes vote for the shelves obviously counted ;) )!
Zach's room looks GREAT , it looks just like a 'big boy' room should!


Andrew Monks Crew said...

Your blog AND your home projects all look great! Way to go. It's always so hard to get started with those lil' projects, but they really do make a big difference.

Maleesa said...

Christy you have been very busy.It all looks really great!And you say your not creative.I think you are girl!!!

Chi-townRawlins said...

I'm so glad we're not the only ones who have a thousand home projects that we haven't even started yet!
Everything looks great! Now we'll have to come for a visit!