Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Thing About Jeans!

I went Christmas shopping for Scott yesterday and found myself shopping for me instead. What is a girl to do with so much childless time on her hands right? It's a whole new world when you are in a shopping mall with no children to chase.

As I was trying on jeans at The Buckle, I learned quite a few things.

1) I have been wearing some pretty old jeans (thirteen years plus)
2) the jeans I was wearing are "too boxy" on me
3) I am "dating myself"
4) and I'm wearing jeans that are TWO SIZES TOO BIG!!!

This was very enlightening!

The salesman was honest...and was just trying to help so I didn't get upset about it. However, I did feel like I was in an episode of "what not to wear". He went on to tell me the cut of jean I should be wearing should contour my hips and be sleeker on the thighs and have a boot cut to show off my "cute little fiture" (talk about making a girl feel good). My friend who was with me says "yes, turn this mama from boxy to foxy" So he picked out a few styles (six) and lead me to the changing room.

I have to say when I first put them on I thought: no way man....I couldn't even breath in them. But both he and my friend were telling me that the spandex in the jeans no a days makes you feel that way, but then it relaxes and the jeans are more comfortable. I opted for a larger size to feel the difference. So he gave me the size I came into the store wearing. I tried on those. They fit perfect (in my standards) but everyone else told me they were "gi-nor-mous" on me!!! They convinced me that the other pair that I felt was too tight, fit way better and completed my "assets"!!! I asked what the return policy was and he said that you can take them home and return them up to sixty days, WITH TAGS ON. But you can't wear them. SO I asked, "then how will I know if I am comfortable with this style and fit if I don't actually wear them?" and he said "it is implied that you don't wear them out and about and return them dirty". So as a test, I wore them out to dinner last night? How could I do that and still keep them "returnable"? Well (hee hee) I tucked the tags in my pockets and went out to dinner with my family in them. I have to say, they did loosen up a bit and they did feel great! I cannot believe how badly I have dated myself all this time! It's crazy

What is sad about this is I used to be an assistant manager in a retail store and I used to have all the latest fashions. Then again at that time I did have the cute, pre child bearing body then. It's hard to believe that in ten years, I can date myself so obviously!!!!

Hubby agreed that I have now gone from boxy to foxy!!!!! And it feels good. *pics to follow*


Anonymous said...

Yea! New clothes. So fun to have a day of shopping. We do need pics though- after you take the tags off!
PS-I love "What not to wear"!!

Chi-townRawlins said...

You've always been foxy in my book. However, I am excited to see you in jeans that are not 13 years old. Honestly, I am impressed that you can still fit into jeans that you were wearing 13 years ago. I can't!!!!!
I'm going to have to try The Buckle when I lose 15 more pounds...

Anonymous said...

Yahoo - you needed a little fun in your life.
- Mom

Kristen said...

Fun! I love the Buckle! I'm so jealous you can wear those jeans! Tells me how skinny you really are! I think the biggest size they have in womens is a 34 in waist...yeah right, not this momma! Can't wait to see pics!! =)