Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finally ~ Some Christmas Spirit!!!!

Since Scott returned from deployment Thursday, our house has finally caught some Christmas spirit again! It was nice at the beginning of this month with Nana and Bumpa here, but then after they left, it seemed as though the spirit did too.

Single parenting is tough, even if it is only temporary. Not only do you have the demands of the kids on you twenty four seven, you also have the littlest and most major of problems left on your shoulders to deal with and conquer (as I like to refer to it). Who had time to think about Christmas?

Well since his return I have finally been given the chance to see the red and green spirit! Starting with my MOMS' breakfast this morning. Our breakfast club meets weekly on Saturday mornings to just catch up with each other and have some time as girls before we kick off the weekend with our families. However, since the holidays in November and with Scott being deployed I hadn't been able to join them....but this morning we reunited and showed off our TACKY and MOST UGLIEST Christmas sweaters.

My SIL Anna gave her entire family (her side and inlaws) a challenge this year to go out and find the ugliest sweaters we could find, get our pictures taken by a stranger in a public place and submit them by the 24th. I thought to myself, I am going to make good use out of this and challenge my breakfast club to the same task! This is what we could come up with! The wait staff at Denny's was asked to vote for the ugliest and they were very sweet and gave us all a vote!!!! (a customer in the restaurant also voted!) The winner was to get a free breakfast but lucky for us, we had buy one get one free breakfast coupons anyway!!!

Here is our "reveal" picture:

Pictured left to right is Vilona, Lorisa, Monica and myself! Click to enlarge this picture. You MUST see how ugly these sweaters are!!!

And in true fashion, Lorisa came bearing gifts. Typically it's baked goods but today was so much different! She was filled with Christmas spirit today. (look at her!!!)

She hand made each of our gifts. She took the letter of either our first or last name and decorated it to fit our personalities. She's just too sweet. Monica's last name begins with a "D" and this is what Lorisa did for her!

And here's Vilona's! You have no idea how HILARIOUSLY FUNNY this girl is! Her positivity is contagious! That's why we love her!

However, she did something special to mine. She instead decorated the letter "N" and celebrated the fact I am a Navy spouse! There were so many little personal details on this that I don't know if you can pick out. She included pictures of Scott and I from the navy ball, his home coming from October, pictures of the boys waiting on him, a maple leaf and some military spouse inspirational quotes. She brought me to tears! NO ONE has ever done something that meaningful for me before. Thanks Lorisa! You're an AWESOME friend!

After that very festive breakfast, I came home and completed my Christmas baking. I have never seen so much chocolate all over the kitchen before. It was a girl's dream come true! It took me all morning and then the afternoon but it's all finally done and even DISTRIBUTED. I am certainly no Martha Stewert nor will I even try to be a Lorisa R, but I do enjoy baking and getting my skinny friends fatter than me! Enjoy ladies!

The boys even got into the spirit this afternoon with Daddy. They assembled their Gingerbread train! It turned out so cute!

Now the boys are at the Y burning off their sugar rush while I am sitting in a very quiet house right now listening to my all time favorite Christmas CD "John Tesh: Family Christmas" and looking ahead to tomorrow's very festive day at church (will post pictures tomorrow).

Thanks for reading this far and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and hope you have just as much Christmas spirit as we have been able to find today!


Anonymous said...

What a fun time you had with your 'Moms Club'. Love the train, I knew the boys and Scott would have fun making it. Hugs...Mom

Sara Kilgore said...

How can you not be in the Christmas spirit with all that fun! Lucky you. I'm up to my eyeballs in to do lists. Thanks for the preview of your ugly sweater. Mine is so Knots Landing.

Andrew Monks Crew said...

My vote goes to the cat sweater- yeesh! That is too funny. What an awesome way to celebrate!!

Shannon said...

Your "Moms Club" is a great idea. You all look like your having a great time. Lorisa made the perfect gift, from the heart she must be a true friend.

God Bless, We all wish you a Merry Christmas, and welcome home Scott!